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How much do you believe in your creative pursuits? Enough to ask friends and family to float you a small loan for your next opportunity? Enough to offer a portion of what you’re worth to support someone else’s artistic ambitions?

Project Micro-Float (M-Flo) is a multi-platform series about creating a network of supporters from the cultural community using practices from microfinance, pledge giving, crowdfunding, IOUs and other alternative strategies. It’s part social lending tool, part artistic social experiment on lending and giving.

M-Flo aims to build financial self-awareness and foster long-term communal support with others interested in investing in productivity.

The project will engage participants in three ways (in person and online): 1. Artists can showcase projects that need “floating” (funding); 2. Supporters can pledge to float a project; and 3. All participants can pledge a portion of what they think they’re worth to a lending circle.

M-Flo gives structure to the tried-and-true tradition of informal loans between friends and will use IOUs to create the lending circle. Called mIOU (my IOU), this note will become pledges and a public promise to give a portion of what pledgers think they are worth to the circle or in favor of the cultural arena overall.

For now, the pledges are public promises, rather than amounts to be collected and are symbolic of the potential in examining self-worth and for generating a circle of giving.

Project Micro-Float grew out of the idea that artists need easy, ongoing access to credit and capital to realize projects in a timely manner. This in turn produces a career path in which they and their supporters can feel gratified.

Check us out at IDEAS CITY in New York.

Got a project to float or want to float one? Tell us.